The number of individuals utilizing smartphones, tablets and other portable networked devices has exploded over the past few years. Due to this rapid increase, the 2012 Olympic Games will bring the highest ever risk of corporate and personal data loss.

During an average two-week period, approximately 50,000 mobile phones are lost or stolen in the London area. However, during the Games, the population in London is expected to grow by one third. Experts predict that this increased population will lead to an additional 17,000 lost and stolen mobile phones or a possible total of 67,000 missing mobile phones in this time frame.

Approximately 40 percent, or 26,800, of these mobile devices are smartphones and are at risk of data loss or theft. Potentially, 214.4 terabytes of confidential data could be lost or stolen. In addition, other devices such as laptops and tablets are at risk. These mobile devices have an even larger storage capacity for confidential data.

The introduction of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD creates added opportunities for corporate data security breaches with more people carrying personally owned devices with sensitive business data than ever before. Not only do these mobile devices process and store an abundance of sensitive personal and business information but they can also access private company networks. If this valuable, regulated data falls into the wrong hands, it would be devastating to a business or organization.

To reduce mobile data security risks, businesses that utilize a BYOD program need to implement comprehensive data security policies in place and introduce device management systems. Smartphones or tablets that remotely access business data should be password protected to avoid a security breach in the case of loss or theft. Additionally, experts recommend that these employee-liable devices be secured with proper authentication and data protection.

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