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e-Cycle’s Tips on How To Pack Cell Phones for Safe Handling When Shipping for Recycling

Ensure your package of cell phones and other electronics do not get damaged during shipping.

e-Cycle is a cell phone buyback and recycling company that provides free shipping as part of our wireless asset-recovery services. To ensure our clients understand the proper way to prepare cell phones, tablets and other wireless devices for mail delivery, we created the following video and helpful shipping tips to make certain our clients’ mobile devices are not damaged during delivery.

  1.  Do not pack more than 50 wireless devices per box. Boxes weighing over 40 pounds have an increased risk of damage during transit and create a safety issue for package handlers. This includes cell phones, tablets, phone chargers and other accessories.
  2. Do not use a box larger than a copy paper box. Large boxes make it difficult for package handlers to maneuver and carry the electronics shipment, increasing the possibility of your package and mobile phones and tablets being damaged during shipping.
  3. Use newspaper or other soft packing materials to protect your wireless devices. Surrounding your mobile devices with soft packing material creates a shock absorber in case your package is dropped or roughly handled during transit.
  4. Tape all box seams and then tape cross-wise. Tapping seams will secure your box and keep it from ripping during transit.
  5. Loose cell phone batteries must be individually wrapped or have covered terminals. A fire can occur if the terminals of loose batteries rub together and create a spark. For safety reasons, it is important to tape these terminals or put them in individual zip lock bags.

Following these five steps will keep your wireless devices and the confidential information they store secure during shipping. For more information on e-Cycle’s mobile recycling services and data security practices, visit


e-Cycle is the trusted wireless mobile buyback and recycling partner for many of the largest organizations in the world. As the first mobile recycling company to achieve e-Stewards certification, we adhere to the highest standards for environmental responsibility and worker health and safety. e-Cycle offers a simple, secure, environmentally responsible and profitable way for businesses to sell and recycle used mobile phones and tablets. Learn more at

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The Columbus Foundation Features e-Cycle Mobile Buyback and Recycling Founders

The Columbus Foundation featured e-Cycle wireless asset recovery and recycling founders, Chris and Tonia Irion, in their summer newsletter. The article, “Celebrating Homegrown Success Stories,” discusses how the Irions turned their passions for charitable giving, protecting the environment and technology into a successful business.

Founded in 2005, e-Cycle purchases nearly 500 types of used mobile phones and tablets that retain value and recycles all others at no charge. e-Cycle was the first wireless recycling company in the world to achieve e-Stewards certification, the global gold standard for environmental stewardship.

The article highlights one of e-Cycle’s most important core values, charitable giving:

In keeping with their goal of charitable giving, the Irions help companies maximize the amount of money they raise through mobile buyback and write a check directly to the charity of the company’s choice on its behalf.

“We’ve raised millions for our clients and their charities of choice and kept millions of devices out of landfills. Just this year alone, we’ll keep roughly four to five million phones and accessories out of landfills,” Chris said.

In January 2013, the Irions established the e-Cycle Foundation of The Columbus Foundation. e-Cycle clients can donate directly to the foundation and then suggest a charity to support with all or some of the money they recoup from their old devices.

To read the full article, click here.

To find out more about donating your used mobile phones and tablets to raise money for charity, visit

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