Fox 9 News in Minneapolis, Minn., recently broadcasted their investigation into mobile data security revealing how private data can remain on your phone even after you thought it had been wiped clean. Six volunteers handed over their old smartphones to forensic investigator experts, which were then mined for confidential data. It didn't take long for the forensic experts to find private information including email passwords, geographic location coordinates, Twitter information, Facebook credentials and even access to a voicemail account. Of the six phones that were investigated, the experts recovered sensitive data from three of the mobile devices.


While businesses and individuals should never completely trust the delete function on their mobile devices, destroying your mobile phone to secure private mobile data is dangerous and can cause fires from the chemicals in the lithium-ion battery. There is also the risk of exposure to broken glass, hazardous battery chemicals and the metals that are inside your device. From an environmental standpoint, extending the life of your wireless device through reuse makes a 40% more positive environmental impact in terms of energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions. By destroying your used mobile devices, you are endangering yourself and the environment. Additionally, you may be losing out on revenue potential from selling your devices so they can be reused in secondary markets where the technology is greatly needed. Businesses and individuals can protect their private data by recycling their wireless devices through a mobile recycling company that is e-Stewards certified.

Utilizing an e-Stewards® certified mobile buyback and recycling company is the only way to guarantee your confidential mobile data remains secure. e-Stewards, the world’s most rigorous standard for electronics recycling, ensures certified recyclers consistently conform to the highest standards for responsible recycling of electronic equipment, data security and worker safety. Businesses and individuals should insist that their recycling partners utilize third-party forensic auditors to validate data deletion processes and do not outsource their data deletion services to non-certified partners.

e-Cycle Provides a Secure, Profitable and Responsible Way to Protect Your Private Mobile Data

e-Cycle mobile buyback, data security and recycling company provides a secure, profitable and responsible solution for reselling and recycling used mobile phones and devices. e-Cycle collects used mobile devices from businesses and organizations, reimbursing them for mobile devices that retain value and recycling all other wireless devices at no charge. The information on every phone is destroyed using the wireless industry’s most rigorous data security measures. In January 2012, e-Cycle became the only mobile buyback and recycling company in the world to become e-Stewards certified.

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