The entire e-Cycle team is honored to have received two Global Business Excellence Awards for Outstanding Green Initiatives and Outstanding Service. e-Cycle earned the international honors for its commitment to protecting the environment and delivering high-quality services to businesses, organizations and consumers.

“We very much appreciate the global recognition that we’ve received for our efforts,” said Christopher Irion, e-Cycle CEO. “It is a testament not only to the value we are bringing to businesses and consumers alike, but also to our commitment to doing so in the most environmentally responsible way.”

The Global Business Excellence Awards, based in the United Kingdom, recognize business excellence around the globe and across all sectors, including private and public companies as well as charity organizations that are working smarter to create a business edge.

In issuing the Outstanding Service award, the Global Business Excellence Awards commended e-Cycle for its rewarding approach to mobile recycling, “e-Cycle has developed the perfect solution for the recycling of the millions and millions of discarded wireless mobile devices that are thrown away every year in the U.S. It buys old devices from companies, rebuilds the ones in working order for the third-world market and disposes of the remaining ones in an environmentally friendly way. By cutting the telecom budget for companies, protecting the environment and helping poorer countries get access to mobile devices, e-Cycle keeps everyone happy. The high quality of the e-Cycle scheme is a wake-up call and a great role model for the recycling industry in other countries.”

In the category of Outstanding Green Initiative, the Global Business Excellence Awards referenced e-Cycle’s approach to environmental responsibility. “By working to the highest technical standards in the recycling of old mobile devices, e-Cycle has to be applauded for protecting the planet from pollutants and keeping electronic trash out of landfill sites. It pays companies for their old wireless mobile devices and through a meticulous process, it securely clears data and reconditions working devices for export to third-world countries. Any leftover waste is either shredded or recycled. Absolutely nothing ends up in landfill sites. This is about as green as it gets.”

Co-founded by Tonia and Christopher Irion in 2005, e-Cycle provides wireless buyback, recycling and data deletion services for enterprise and government organizations.  e-Cycle collects used mobile devices, reimbursing businesses for devices that retain value and recycling all others at no charge. The information on every phone is either deleted or destroyed using the industry's most rigorous mobile data security measures. In January 2012, e-Cycle became the first and only mobile buyback and recycling company in the world to become e-Stewards, R2, and ISO 14001 certified.

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