Many companies are adopting a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD plan for their employees’ mobile smartphones and tablets. Businesses are beginning to implement these mobile programs to increase employee morale, improve productivity and lower the organization’s total telecom expenses. However, while this new IT trend keeps employees content, it could actually be costing organizations money.

According to a recent study entitled Mobility Temperature Check: Just How Hot is BYOD? by telecom expense management company Xigo, two-thirds or 67 percent of enterprises report that their telecom expenses have not changed since making the switch to BYOD. In fact, 24 percent noticed an increase in expenses. Only nine percent of businesses surveyed were able to lower costs by adopting a BYOD program. In addition, 61 percent of businesses responded that the rates of their network service plan remained the same. 70 percent of respondents claimed their IT support costs have not changed.

The study stated that mobile phone usage is more accepted than tablet usage, reporting enterprises are willing to subsidize mobile phones over tablets. 50 percent of businesses responded that they are willing to assist employees in the purchase of mobile phones while only 30 percent will contribute to the cost of tablets. However, 36 percent of those surveyed believe that iPads or tablets will eventually replace laptops.

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