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May 16, 2012No Comments

e-Cycle CEO Christopher Irion Addresses the Challenges of Building a Mobile Recycling Company

When Christopher Irion launched mobile phone data security and recycling company e-Cycle in 2005, he was confronted with the challenge of managing triple-digit growth while establishing a best-in-class company culture. Over seven years later, Irion continues to deal with his company’s rapid growth and the obstacles it brings. Recently, SmartBusiness spoke with Irion to discuss his secrets on finding the right people to fulfill his passion and overcoming growing pains.

“I feel blessed that [e-Cycle] can grow over 100 percent per year, but as opportunistic as growth is, it’s also a big challenge for us,” says Irion.

Shortly after starting his cell phone recycling business, Irion realized that having a strong management structure would support growth. When a business has only one employee reporting to the CEO, the system will be effective, however when a business grows to an 85 plus member organization, multiple supervisors need to be put in place. Therefore, setting up an efficient managerial infrastructure was key to e-Cycle’s success.

e-Cycle was founded on a passion for the environment, a love of technology and a devotion to charitable giving. Irion’s passion for these three values was able to keep him going during the rough patches and when times got hard. When new business owners are trying to get a business off the ground, they may be working until 2 a.m. every night. They may be anxious about how they will find their next client or how they will make payroll a year down the road. It’s their passion that gets the founders through the bumpy period of establishing a new company. Passion will win over prospective clients because they see the enthusiasm and the drive to meet their needs. Passion will evoke dedication in employees because they share the company vision and will work hard to help accomplish it.

According to Irion, business should narrow down the company’s values and keep them at the core of all that the organization represents. Instill these values in your employees and ensures that all aspects of the company’s culture revolve around these core values. Always keep your client first and do what’s in their best interests. Building this idea at the core of your company culture will always put you ahead of the competition.

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July 29, 2011No Comments

e-Cycle Launches “Get Started e-Cycling” Kit to Help Enterprises Initiate a Wireless Mobile Phone Buyback and Recycling Program

In response to client feedback and qualitative research, e-Cycle LLC has developed a comprehensive “Get Started e-Cycling” digital tool kit to assist large businesses and organizations initiate and manage an environmentally responsible, secure and profitable wireless mobile phone recycling program.

After conducting personal interviews with representatives from more than 500 leading U.S. enterprises, e-Cycle management discovered that while many organizations are aware of the escalating electronics waste problem in the U.S., as well as the financial and environmental benefits of wireless buyback, many lack the knowledge and/or resources to initiate a secure asset recovery and recycling program. According to e-Cycle VP of Sales Steve Clark, mobile data security is the main constraint enterprises face in starting a mobile phone recycling program.

“We found that many large organizations have no official recycling program in place and will either collect retired mobile phones in storage closets or simply destroy the reusable devices for scrap due to data security concerns,” said Clark. "These are not best practices from a security standpoint, an environmental standpoint or from a financial standpoint.”

Clark said that collecting and storing wireless devices (sometimes in the thousands) is not only a security concern because they still harbor sensitive business and private data, but also a financial mistake since many used mobile phones retain about 50 percent of their value up to 18 months after purchase. He went on to say that from an environmental perspective, reusing a wireless device saves 20 times more energy than simply recycling it for the precious metals. According to Clark, carrier trade-in programs are an option, however he said that these programs do not reap the financial rewards or address the stringent data security concerns that leading enterprises face.

That’s why e-Cycle developed the ‘Get Started e-Cycling’ kit for enterprises,” Clark said. “Large companies and organizations have critical security, sustainability, legal, logistical, and financial concerns and questions that need to be addressed before initiating a responsible asset recovery and recycling program—especially in the financial, government, and healthcare industries. The digital kit helps address these concerns and the in-region e-Cycle account manager assigned to the organization will ensure the ongoing success of the program.”

Clark said the “Get Started e-Cycling” kit includes an interactive form that helps the organization identify answers to key logistical questions, as well as a detailed FAQ sheet, data security and environmental protection information, insurance overview, and other helpful documents. He said that coupled with the help and guidance of e-Cycle’s experienced regional account managers, the e-Cycle program makes it easy for enterprises to quickly and efficiently establish and maintain a sustainable, secure, and profitable wireless recycling program.

About e-Cycle LLC

Ranked the #8 fastest growing environmental services company in the U.S. by Inc. 500|5000, e-Cycle helps organizations take a more responsible, secure and profitable approach to wireless recycling. e-Cycle has a zero landfill policy. e-Cycle buys used smartphones and other reusable mobile devices that still retain value and recycles all others at no charge through an ISO Certified, EPA-registered facility. The information on every device is either deleted or destroyed through rigorous mobile security measures. e-Cycle CEO Chris Irion recently won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Cleantech category in the South Central Ohio and Kentucky region.

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