When it comes to technology, consumers are always looking to get their hands on the latest devices available. This is especially true during the holiday gifting season. According to a recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association, mobile connected devices are the most sought after gifts this holiday season.

Along with the joy that comes from unwrapping those shiny new smartphones and tablets, employees in a BYOD program also have the responsibility of wiping corporate data from their old devices. It’s critical that BYOD businesses and organizations provide their employees a way to securely wipe sensitive data and safely dispose of their used devices. Employees with smartphones and tablets used in BYOD work environments have a high risk of leaving confidential data on their used devices as they upgrade to newer technology.

In a recent study 2,243 BYOD employees were interviewed to find out what they did with their used mobile device after they upgraded to a new device. The study found that the majority of BYOD employees are not properly disposing of mobile devices or wiping corporate information when upgrading to the latest tablets and smartphones. Overall, 68 percent of employees said they did not have their devices professionally wiped or securely destroyed when replacing their mobile devices for newer technology. Fifty eight percent of respondents said they kept the device, although inactive; 13 percent turned their device over to their service provider; 11 percent donated their device, gave it away, or worse, threw it in the trash.

Businesses and organizations that have a BYOD program in place need to have a policy that considers the company’s confidential data when their employees’ mobile devices are replaced. They need to make certain their employees use a responsible and approved mobile buyback and recycling company when it is time to retire used devices and ensure sensitive data is completely erased.

Partnering with a mobile buyback and recycling company that guarantees mobile data deletion is the only way to ensure confidential company data remains secure. e-Cycle helps organizations take a more responsible, secure and profitable approach to wireless mobile phone recycling. e-Cycle collects used mobile devices from businesses and organizations, reimbursing them for devices that retain value and recycling all others at no charge. The information on every phone is either deleted or destroyed using the industry’s most rigorous data security measures. In January 2012, e-Cycle became the only mobile buyback and recycling company in the world to become e-Stewards certified. To find out more on e-Cycle’s cell phone buyback, recycling and data deletion services, visit www.e-Cycle.com.

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