With the speed of business today, corporations need to develop strategies to collect, analyze and protect the rapidly increasing amount of accessible data. A recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealed that though Big Data is continually growing, businesses and major organizations are not implementing proper procedures to manage this sensitive information. Big Data, such as information utilized on today’s smartphones, offers businesses a unique opportunity to learn about their customers. Equipped with advanced cameras, microphones, location and compass features, these mobile devices can offer invaluable business information and provide context of consumer behavior and environment.

Big Data is a loose term used for the characterization of the constant accumulation of various unstructured data. This data includes information collected from business operations, customers and transactions as well as information created by social media and other online sources. These data sets are growing exponentially and are too large, too raw or too unstructured for standard analysis using typical database techniques. The exact amount of data is less of an issue than how the data is utilized and where it is stored and protected. Most major organizations are accumulating huge amounts of Big Data that is unstructured and growing much faster than transactional data.

The report from PwC states that less than 35 percent of companies have an accurate inventory of employee and personal data. In addition, only 31 percent reported the implementation of accurate accounting of stored data. 88 percent of those surveyed use mobile devices for both personal and work purposes, however, only 45 percent of companies have a mobile security strategy in place to utilize these devices in the workplace.

Big Data analytics can offer invaluable intelligence that can assist with the improvement of IT security. The growing mobile BYOD trend often causes businesses to become overwhelmed with increasing data, become distracted by security tools and lose sight of the valuable information maintained within their internal IT systems. This results in important data that is often ignored or processed in an inefficient manner for reactive purposes. In order to effectively identify cyber threats or network issues, businesses need to have complete visibility into every piece of data generated by IT systems.

The report also reveals that despite increase in the number of data security breaches, IT security budgets stay the same. Respondents reported experiencing 50 or more security incidents, however, less than half expect an increase in their security budget over the next year. Many businesses develop a data security strategy simply to avoid the penalties caused by a data breach. This compliance driven attitude towards IT and mobile security needs to change in order to ensure the protection of the confidential data companies are entrusted with.

Businesses and organizations need to embrace the opportunity that Big Data presents and properly utilize the information to better serve their customers. It is essential for businesses to maintain a centralized system that collects and analyzes all IT activity and use this information for immediate identification, isolation and remediation of company issues. Corporations should understand benefits that Big Data analytics offer and utilize the security intelligence provided to effectively navigate the labyrinth of data security and protect IT networks. To read more, view the article, Big Data Grows as Data Security Shrinks.

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