In an effort to battle ever-increasing mobile security threats, many companies choose to develop an end-of-life electronic ‘destroy-only’ policy to combat these issues and ensure that their confidential information remains secure. Data deletion and asset recovery, however, offer alternative options that are both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Physical destruction of mobile devices not only requires additional destruction and disposal expenses but also contributes to the growing issue of electronic waste. Since most smartphones retain 50% or more of their retail value even after 18 months of use, developing an asset recovery program within your organization will put money into your telecom budget and allow for upgrades to the newest mobile technology.

Asset recovery and recycling companies will purchase your functioning devices and prepare them for reuse in secondary markets. According to the EPA, reusing an electronic device saves up to 20 times more energy than recycling alone. Reusable mobile phones and devices purchased by an asset recovery company are sent through data removal process to permanently delete private information. Devices that do not still retain resale value are shredded and the materials recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

If your company policies prevent your organization from receiving a check back for your wireless devices, inquire with an asset recovery organization on alternative options for payment. Monthly bill payments can often be made directly to your wireless carrier. With ever increasing budget constraints, mobile phone buyback also offers a creative way to raise money for the charity of your choice. Your company can raise money through a mobile buyback program and a check can be written directly to the charity on your behalf.

With electronic waste representing 70% of the toxins in our landfills, it is imperative that organizations put policies in place to address this crucial growing issue. Mobile data security is a serious concern, but a destroy-only policy wastes energy and new revenue opportunities. Studies have shown that extending the service life of the phone from one to four years decreases the environmental impacts by about 40%. Recycling and reuse of your organization’s mobile phones will ensure a safe and sustainable end-of-cycle program that keeps the toxic materials inside of wireless phones out of landfills and ensures your sensitive data remains secure.

e-Cycle’s Mobile Phone Asset Recovery, Recycling and Data Security Solutions
e-Cycle delivers solutions for the security and sustainability issues that encompass end-of-life mobile phone procedures.  e-Cycle will purchase your used, functioning mobile devices that still retain resale value as well as delete all private data and recycle non-reusable devices at no charge. Our rigorous of data security process provides our customers with peace of mind that their confidential company information will remain secure. With a zero landfill policy, e-Cycle shreds all devices that cannot be reused and the materials are recycled in an ISO Certified, EPA-registered recycling facility.

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