With the announcement of the Verizon iPhone two weeks gone, Verizon and Apple have already begun promoting their new partnership.

The first Verizon iPhone commercial was posted this past weekend on Verizon’s YouTube channel. The commercial plays upon the years of waiting from iPhone and Verizon customers through a series of ticking clocks, with the last turning to 12:00am and a woman whispering “Thank You”. There is no mention of AT&T or the Verizon Google Android, leaving the commercial strictly Verizon iPhone.


A second iPhone 4 ad aired this past weekend, this time put out by Apple. The ad shows two iPhones working side by side on the same processes but with slightly different images and websites viewed. Ending with a side-by-side FaceTime conversation, the iPhones are removed to show both AT&T and Verizon logos followed by “Two is better than one”. In contrast to Verizon’s ad, Apple’s iPhone 4 spot nods to both providers, showing each as equally important to the iPhone 4.


Whether customers stay with AT&T or switch over to Verizon, the iPhone 4 remains the best choice for smartphone in 2011. With the fastest processing system, HD video, 5 megapixel camera and access to the world’s most popular App Store, a Verizon iPhone or AT&T iPhone 4 are both wins.

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