In April of this year, representatives from the Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies met at the Aileron Institute in Dayton, Ohio, to discuss issues facing their businesses. Christopher Irion, CEO and founder of mobile phone recycling and buyback company, e-Cycle, joined the panel to contribute his experience of growing a successful business, including best hiring practices.

All of the panelists agreed that hiring is not only one of the most important tasks an entrepreneur faces while building a business, it is also the most difficult.

e-Cycle, is facing a classic dilemma that many of America’s Most Promising Companies are also experiencing. Growing rapidly, the business is on track to double the company’s number of employees in 2012. Irion explained that when adding a large number of new employees, companies should develop an infrastructure to support these new recruits. To respond to the overwhelming need for new employees, Irion developed a logistical framework to hire a high volume of workers effectively. This framework, however, takes time to put in place – the earlier, the better.

Irion’s wireless buyback company collects used mobile devices from businesses and major organizations, reimbursing them for devices that retain value and recycling all others at no charge. The information on every phone is either deleted or destroyed through the industry’s most rigorous data security measures.

To read more, view the article, The Art Of Hiring: Three Secrets From America's Most Promising Companies by J.J. Colao. To learn more about e-Cycle, visit

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