The anticipation for the release of the Verizon iPhone was built slowly over the course of many months, with some of us waiting years for this device. Now the waiting has paid off, as the Verizon iPhone has finally been released to the general public.

This has meant a number of things. It offers the iPhone to an entirely new segment of cell phone users who did not want to previously switch providers. More importantly, it also adds a competitor in the iPhone game, which was a segment of the cell phone world that used to be owned by AT&T.

With so much excitement surrounding the release of the Verizon iPhone 4, it would be difficult for it to live up to such lofty expectations. However, the reviews surrounding its release have generally praised the phone, citing its strong call quality as a major upgrade over the AT&T version. Fewer calls are being dropped and users are experiencing a clearer and more enjoyable conversation on this phone.

What else are the reviews saying about the Verizon iPhone 4?

From a hardware standpoint, there isn’t much that differentiates this from the previous AT&T iPhone. Most of the reviews choose to focus on the reliability that the Verizon network brings to the iPhone. Calls are consistently connected on the Verizon iPhone 4, offering users uninterrupted and high-quality phone conversations.

By all accounts, the Verizon iPhone 4 is just as good as its predecessor, if not better. Verizon has managed to address the issue of call quality that has plagued the iPhone in the past, making this version of the iPhone 4 a perfect choice for many consumers.
With the number of positive Verizon iPhone reviews that are out there, you might be thinking of switching over to this exciting new phone. That being said, you will want to sell your iPhone (or any other mobile phone) to not only make some money, but to protect our landfills from electronic waste.

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