Mayor Michael B. Coleman presented the GreenSpotLight Award to e-Cycle (medium-sized business category) and two additional central Ohio businesses as part of an annual GreenSpot celebration at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Members of Mayor Coleman’s Green Team selected one small, medium and large-sized business whose commitment demonstrates excellence in business practices that produce environmental benefits.

Also receiving the GreenSpotLight Award were Ohio Virtue Salon (small-sized business) and G&J Pepsi Cola Bottlers of Columbus (large-sized business). Mayor Coleman said that the annual award is presented to three GreenSpot member companies that demonstrate outstanding achievements in developing environmentally responsible business practices.

"GreenSpot provides a framework for businesses to use to take practical steps toward lessening their environmental impact,” Mayor Coleman said.  “I am proud of the three businesses receiving recognition today and we hope others will follow the example they set in their commitment to get green.”

Mayor Coleman launched GreenSpot in July 2008 as part of his Get Green Columbus initiative.  Developed to inspire, educate and recognize those in our community who are taking steps to protect our environment, the Web-based program now has over 3,650 members taking steps toward protecting the health and future of our community.

e-Cycle is currently the only mobile phone buyback, data protection and recycling company in the world to become e-Stewards® Certified. Created by the Basel Action Network (BAN), the e-Stewards certification program allows businesses to easily identify electronics recycling companies that adhere to the highest global standards for environmental protection and worker safety.

About e-Cycle LLC

Ranked the #68 Most Promising Company in America by Forbes and the #5 fastest growing environmental services company in the U.S. by Inc., e-Cycle helps organizations take a more responsible, secure and profitable approach to wireless mobile phone recycling. e-Cycle purchases used mobile phones and tablets that still retain value and recycles all others at no charge to ensure toxic e-waste does not contaminate landfills. The data on every reusable mobile device undergoes a rigorous, multi-step data deletion and auditing process to permanently remove confidential information. e-Cycle is e-Stewards, ISO 14001, and R2 certified.

About e-Stewards® Certification

The e-Stewards Certification program, created by the Basel Action Network (BAN), formally recognizes electronics recyclers that adhere to environmentally and socially responsible practices when recovering hazardous electronic materials. It is the first such program backed by environmental organizations and major corporations alike. The accredited third-party audited certification program is supported by the USEPA and is endorsed by Greenpeace USA, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Electronics TakeBack Coalition and 68 other environmental organizations.  It has also drawn the public support of major corporate “e-Stewards Enterprises” including Alcoa, LG Electronics, Bank of America, Capital One Financial Corp. and Wells Fargo.

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