Apple is now offering all the features of the iPhone 4 with the option to activate the device on the GSM wireless carrier of your choice. This new iPhone provides the ideal solution for users who do not want a multi-year service contract or prefer using local carriers when traveling abroad. In addition, e-Cycle can help your organization upgrade to the latest iPhone technology by providing asset recovery for your company’s used mobile phones.

In the past, the iPhone 4 has been sold with a micro-SIM card or a small memory card that stores user wireless account information. The unlocked iPhone 4 will arrive without a micro-SIM card and users will simply obtain a micro-SIM directly from a GSM carrier.

GSM or Global System Mobile Communications is an industry standard and is used by most carriers around the world. Buying an unlocked iPhone 4 allows users to choose their own GSM carrier and because they are not committed to a long-term contract, GSM users have the ability to change carriers at any time. The unlocked iPhone 4 will also work with GSM carriers worldwide. Frequent travelers can even use multiple carriers.

For companies making the switch to the new unlocked iPhone 4, e-Cycle’s Apple iPhone buyback service delivers a simple solution for an upgrade. Not only will e-Cycle purchase your organization’s used iPhones, but also provide complimentary mobile data security and recycling services. e-Cycle data security experts will evaluate each device, erase all sensitive data and responsibly recycle all non-functioning mobile phones at no charge to the customer.

e-Cycle works with nearly 7,000 organizations nationwide, including some of the largest companies in the world. Since its inception in 2005, our company has purchased or recycled more than seven million wireless devices.

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