Mobile phone recycling continues to catch on as more and more people and businesses begin to understand the variety of benefits that come from selling used cell phones. As e-Cycle continues to be an industry leader in mobile phone recycling, we want to emphasize that we are able to work with just about anybody. Whether you are looking to sell your iPhone for some extra cash or your business is looking to sell a different model in bulk, you’ve come to the right place.

So what are some of the phones recycled by e-Cycle? Here’s a list of the types of phones that we recycle the most:

  • Motorola v325
  • Motorola i560
  • Motorola i530
  • Motorola i355
  • RIM Blackberry 7290
  • RIM Blackberry 8703e
  • RIM Blackberry 7280
  • LG VX-3200
  • LG VX-3300
  • Nokia 5160
  • Nokia 5165

As you can see, e-Cycle deals with a wide variety of different cell phone models, and we are more than happy to accommodate your old phone. With e-Cycle, you are guaranteed the easiest and most secure way to sell your mobile phone. Businesses, organizations, and individuals love the fact that we safeguard private data in addition to helping people do something worthwhile for the environment by preventing electronic waste.

The easiest way to sell your mobile phone with e-Cycle is by filling out the online form to request a quote. From there, an e-Cycle account manager will follow-up with you to answer your questions and provide the quote.

Mobile phone recycling will continue to increase in popularity – especially when the Verizon iPhone finally gets released – so it is important to know the best cell phone recycling company to work with. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best services and the highest buyback prices.

Whatever type of cell phone you have, be sure to e-Cycle it!

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