Apple isn’t the only major player in the tablet game anymore, as Android-based tablets continue to increase in popularity, evidenced by the rise of their market share. With a variety of companies now getting into the tablet game, it presents a variety of new factors to consider.

As Google’s Android-based tablets find a larger audience, it means that there will be some customers looking to sell their iPads to switch to an Android tablet. Like discarded cell phones, a tablet can produce electronic waste that is harmful to the environment. Therefore, it’s important to consider recycling your old iPad to a company like e-Cycle.

If you are, in fact, looking to sell your iPad, keep in mind that e-Cycle will buy those in addition to your old mobile phones. Just like our iPhone recycling process, selling your iPad to e-Cycle is an easy process that will allow you to get cash for your old tablet, keep your private data protected, and, of course, keep it out of our landfills.

Apple is going to face even more competition in the tablet market, which means customers will have to start making some choices. That means that there are going to be more people switching to Android-powered tablets in the near future, leaving a growing number of old iPads that need to be recycled properly.

If you are considering switching to a new tablet or simply recycling your Apple iPad, be sure to choose e-Cycle!

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