e-Cycle featured on ONN

Hilliard based e-Cycle's centers its business on recovering, recycling and protecting data on old electronic devices.

"As the new devices and technologies are advancing, consumers and companies want to make sure they have the latest and greatest," said e-Cycle owner Tonia Irion.

E-Cycle actually purchases companies' cell phones and PDAs.

"We pay for those phones, and in many cases, it helps companies offset a large extent of the new purchase of their new devices," Irion said.

The old phones are brought to a warehouse, where they are sorted by hand and assigned a value.

Some phones are able to be refurbished, while other phones are shredded, reported ONN's Harrison Hove.

The bits and pieces of shredded phones are ultimately separated and resold as raw materials. Irion said it is important to make sure none of the data is left on any of the devices.

"We're taking all their data off their wireless devices and wiping them clean," she said.

With more demand for these services and a growing market for recycled or refurbished phones, new jobs have been created.

"This year alone we've added 60 news jobs to central Ohio,"  Irion said.

The future looks bright for e-Cycle as they help companies lower their bottom line, while keeping e-waste from a landfill.

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