Every organization should have a buyback and recycling plan to ensure the greatest return on telecom investments. Most organizations retire their wireless phones within 18 months. At that stage, these devices can retain a significant percentage of their retail value. However, cell phones that are not properly retired may expose confidential data when they are resold on the secondary market or harm the local environment through improper recycling and disposal.

Here is an overview of the e-Cycle process:

Our specialists evaluate all equipment to assess its resale value. Phones that have outlived their market value, as well as accessories, are sorted out to be destroyed. Every battery is removed and sent to an EPA-registered facility to make certain its toxic materials do not end up in a landfill. The core technology, including the motherboard and all wiring, is shredded and melted down so that the precious metals can be reused.

Our clients send us their wireless devices using pre-paid shipping labels provided by e-Cycle. They receive a check for the phones that retain their resale value and are in working condition. e-Cycle uses the latest market pricing to determine the value of the equipment. Each of our clients receive a full inventory report detailing the make, model, value and condition of each phone. Our clients receive payment in 30 days or less after their shipment arrives to our facility.

Resalable phones are put through a comprehensive data removal process to make certain that all private information is permanently deleted. We also test every phone for active lines and inform the client if any are found to protect against unintended fees. After restoring the factory settings, our quality assurance team rechecks every device to make sure the data has been completely cleared of all confidential information.

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