A serious flaw was recently discovered in the Apple iOS operating system, allowing hackers to access sensitive information contained on Apple iPads and iPhones. A security gap in this program gives hackers the ability to manipulate a piece of malicious software into the operating system on these devices.

Hackers can infiltrate the weakness in the iOS software through an infected PDF document. When users attempt to open the PDF, destructive software will corrupt the iPhone or iPad giving hackers complete access to the private information on the device including confidential phone calls, emails, documents and passwords.

A program designed download and run applications not approved by Apple, exposed this limitation with the release of its latest update. Aware of this security issue, Apple firmly discourages the use of this process and if it is applied to an iPhone or iPad the program will void the warranty. An Apple update protecting against this vulnerability will be circulated in the near future however the release date has not yet been issued.

This Apple security defect has the potential to affect millions of users. Apple sold approximately 25 millions iPads since it’s launch last year and over 18 million iPhones in the first three months of the year. Click here to learn more about the security flaw on Apple iPhone and iPad software.

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