e-Cycle’s wireless buyback program gives companies the opportunity to recover some of the value of their unwanted devices by selling them to e-Cycle. The money that they receive back can be used to offset the costs of new wireless equipment, go back into the company’s budget for other expenses, or be donated to charity.

Secondary Market for Wireless Devices
Many models of used cell phones and smartphones can be resold on the secondary market. Subject to the laws of supply and demand, consumer preferences for and availability of specific models always play a part in the secondary market prices. In addition, wireless devices depreciate like cars and other durable goods do, so price fluctuations are common. For this reason, it is important that clients send their phones to e-Cycle as soon as possible so that they are able to get the most value for them.

e-Cycle Price List
The e-Cycle price list shows the manufacturer and model of the devices we are currently purchasing, and the price we are paying for them. As a result of the frequent changes in secondary market demand, e-Cycle updates its price list monthly and pays clients based on the current month’s list. Contact an e-Cycle representative at 1-877-215-5255 to receive pricing.

Devices are tested for functionality and damage before they are resold. If a device does not pass testing, it is recycled. Normal signs of wear and tear are not considered damage.

Audit Report and Payment
Once a client’s shipment to e-Cycle has been processed, the client receives an audit report, and payment for any devices we were able to purchase. The audit report lists the make, model, condition, and value of the devices in the shipment. If a client prefers, we are happy to donate the proceeds from their shipment to charity rather than writing the check to their company.

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