We love getting feedback from our customers and learning how they found e-Cycle. We feel this helps us to better serve our current clients and find new people and businesses in need of a cell phone recycling solution. We wanted to share some of this feedback with our readers. Enjoy!

"My experience has been extremely positive. Communication from e-Cycle was great. I have recommended your company to several friends since my wonderful experience." -- Lisa, found e-Cycle on Facebook.

"My experience was great. It was a simple easy process. My daughters will be upgrading soon and I will certainly tell them to sell their old phones through you guys." -- James, found e-Cycle in iPhone Life online newsletter.

"I really have positive feelings about the e-Cycle experience. My husband has used a different provider for his iPhone and was very disappointed with the process. After that experience he looked around for another service and that is how we found e-Cycle (internet search). We found e-Cycle to be easy, fast, and the quotes matched what we got. We have since told family and friends about your service. My in-laws have actually used your service since. We would use your service again.” -- Lisa, found e-Cycle while searching the internet.

"Honestly, I was a little skeptical at the start. I was afraid I would send it and not get the $100 promised, but something less. However, everything was very easy and prompt. I agreed to the offer, got my mailer in 2 days, and received my $100 within 3 days of posting. No hassels and no fear with the outcome. I recommended e-Cycle to several others that were looking to get rid of their iPhones also." -- Mark, found e-Cycle in MacWorld e-mail.

"Everything was easy and streamlined. It was a very nice experience." -- Mark, found e-Cycle through a co-worker.

"I was very pleased with the process. I especially appreciate the communication updates about receiving the phone, mailing the check, etc. I will definitely recommend your service." -- Alison, found e-Cycle through a friend.

"The experience was great - the communication about the process was above any that I've ever experienced and to top it off there was a card for a cup of coffee because the check took longer to arrive than what was promised. I've recommended e-Cycle to everyone I know." -- Seann, found e-Cycle while searching the internet.

"Completely satisfied." -- Mark, found e-Cycle on WV Solid Waste management board.

"My experience with e-Cycle was excellent. I particularly liked two things: 1. the simplicity and ease of the process. 2. the multiple status updates that received from you explaining where we were in the process.” -- Bob

"The experience was as promised and very satisfactory" -- Ron, found e-Cycle while searching the internet.

"I learned about e-Cycle from our business salesman at Verizon.” -- Bill

"I enjoyed the efficiency of service with little effort on my part" -- Harry, found e-Cycle via Google search “recycle cell phone”.

e-Cycle is trusted by individuals,  businesses and organizations nationwide for mobile phone buyback, data security and recycling. To learn more visit http://www.e-cycle.com.

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