10TV’s Chuck Strickler created an outstanding news story featuring five central Ohio start-up businesses for changing how the world lives, works and plays. e-Cycle, Manta, InfoMotion, Acceptd and Columbus2020 each started with a small idea to solve a problem or make life a little easier, and turned it into a highly successful, growing company.

e-Cycle, located in Hilliard, Ohio, saw the mounting global e-waste issue and decided to do something about it. They provide businesses and consumers a responsible, secure and cost-effective solution for the reuse and recycling of mobile devices.

Manta is an online community of small businesses. They are committed to helping small business, like themselves, succeed. They allow small businesses to connect and promote their companies to 30 million to 40 million people a month.

InfoMotion is a Dublin-based sports data technology business. This year the company will debut the “9450” basketball. A sensor inside the ball captures motion data to help build muscle memory.

Acceptd’s founders Derek Brown and Don Hunter first thought of the idea for their website while in college at the University of Cincinnati. Their site was conceived to make it easier for students to apply to college.

Columbus 2020 partners with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into companies. These collaborations foster innovation and are effective due to lower costs, an established network of corporations and educated workers from local universities.

View 10TVs news segment “Starting Up Startups” here:

We thank Mr. Stickler and 10TV for dedicating so much time to showcasing emerging companies in central Ohio. For more information on 10TV’s featured central Ohio start-ups visit: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2013/06/26/wbns-10tv-news-presents-startups.html

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