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Case Study 5: 
Electronics Destroy Only Policy—Bad for the Environment and Your Budget



Due to compelling data security concerns, a large business client had developed a destroy-only policy for the company’s used wireless devices.

e-Cycle Solution:

e-Cycle’s proven, rigorous mobile data deletion and protection processes gave our client the confidence they needed to do away with their destroy-only policy and began to generate significant revenue while protecting their data and the environment.

Bad for the environment:

According to the EPA, reusing a mobile phone saves 20 times the amount of energy than recycling alone, as well as cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. Now add in thousands of devices and your organization can make a significant positive impact on the environment. e-Cycle will provide you with quarterly environmental impact statements to measure the positive effect of your mobile phone recycling efforts.

Bad for your bottom line:

Instead of paying to have a company destroy your mobile devices, e-Cycle will put money into your telecom budget by sending you a check for devices that still retain resale value. Providing complimentary data security services to our clients, we ensure complete data deletion for all mobile phones and devices.

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