September 10, 2020

By Admin

Modern Work is Done on a Mobile Device

In today’s business environment, it is impossible to keep pace without a mobile device. From conference calls, chats, video conferencing, and email the business world is communicating at breakneck speed. In order to keep up, balance life’s daily responsibilities, and make critical decisions at work/home it takes a mobile device with the right amount of access to the necessary tools to keep end-users communicating in a protected environment.

So, how does a corporation deliver all of this while balancing risks versus rewards and staying within budget? There are typically three main strategies that IT departments consider:

  1.     BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
  2.     Limited to Broad use of EPD: Employer-Provided Device
  3.     EPD Only: Employer-Provided Device

Each one of these approaches has its benefits and risks and finding the right balance requires a careful review of the company’s requirements, such as:

  •  What internal applications will your associates need to make quick decisions?
  •  If we don’t own the phones, how do we manage the risk?
  •  Will all my associates be able to access work-critical information quickly and efficiently?
  •  How much proprietary information is actually stored on a user’s device if lost or stolen?
  •  Does an associate’s device bring new challenges to social hacking?
  •  How much will it cost to have the proper mobile hardware in place to mitigate the risks?
  •  Will mobile devices replace PCs as the dominant technology?

These are just a few of the questions that mobility teams are considering. Recently CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) programs are gaining acceptance as a middle ground between employee choice and IT needs. With control and consistency emerging as the primary reasons for adopting a corporate-liable device program over BYOD, CYOD aligns with the prioritization of application and content security solutions over mobile hardware investment.

 Whichever program is chosen, mobility will be key to every company’s growth and success no matter the industry or market it serves. Businesses of all types want to reach out to their customers: in person, online, whatever it takes to make the connection.


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