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Don't Forget About Apple Business Manager

November 13, 2023
By John Jakovlic

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a valuable and free tool designed specifically for businesses. If you're not yet familiar with it, you're missing out. Let's dive into how ABM can streamline your Apple device management and what happens when it's time to recycle those devices.

ABM in a Nutshell:

Apple Business Manager is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the management of all your Apple devices and apps. It's like a control center for your Apple gadgets, making things easy to manage, even if you're not an IT professional. Once enrolled, devices can be easily customized using profiles and policies, making setup a breeze. After set-up (which can happen without taking the device out of the box) the device will be auto-configured based on your settings once connected to a carrier network or WiFi.

The ABM Hidden Challenge: Recycling Devices

Over time, often years later, people might forget their device was enrolled in ABM, which can cause issues during recycling. Your recycling partner is telling you it might lose its residual value because it’s still enrolled in ABM. Or worse, they might not know how or want to spend the time to work with you to unlock that device. e-Cycle is not one of those partners — part of our customer service approach is to make sure you get as much value as you can from your assets. So, let's explore how to release them and get you paid.

Unlocking your Devices’ Hidden Value:

Releasing devices from ABM is essential to unlocking their maximum value. We've become experts in this process and are here to help. e-Cycle makes it easy: we extract the serial numbers from your devices, provide a preformatted file for your ABM instance, and with a few clicks, you can release the devices from ABM and your MDM. If you’re struggling with the process, just call us and will walk you through the steps. After that, we do what were known for: data removal & environmental compliance. By releasing devices, we keep them out of landfills and process them for final evaluation and payment. It's a win-win for the environment and your business. We even offer an online platform so you can keep track of your partnership with us and see every device you every sent us.

Don't let your devices get stuck in ABM. Unlock their value, keep them out of landfills, and ensure you get paid what they’re worth. We're here to make the process straightforward and environmentally responsible. Ready to unlock the hidden value of your Apple devices? Reach out to us today, and let's get started.



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