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May 4, 2021

By Admin

Are We Leaking Data?

Want to know what keeps corporate CIOs up at night? It’s the growing concern about the potential for a data leak. Since the start of the pandemic, more users have been working from home and using their BYOD and corporate-owned devices to manage their day-to-day activities.

The threat of data leakage begins with end-users and how they access and communicate information. These days, users have multiple email accounts and often integrate the view of those accounts into one running stream of messages that can often blur the lines between work and personal. This raises the likelihood of vulnerability overall as mobile computing increases. Layer on top of these personal and corporate applications and the security risks escalate even more. Let’s be honest, not many remote workers are diving under the hood to understand how applications are able to see and transfer their data. This places a large amount of responsibility on the shoulders of IT teams to properly vet every application on an end user’s phone. Something as simple as transferring company files onto a public cloud storage service, pasting confidential information in the wrong place, or forwarding an email to an unintended recipient can enhance the risks. When the device is a part of a BYOD program the lines often become blurred even further and the risk of data leakage grows higher.

According to the latest research by the IBM and Ponemon Institute, having a purely remote-based team can increase the average cost of a data breach by $137K. Cybercriminals are even using new phishing techniques to trick users into giving up their two-factor authentication codes which have become very popular to protect against the very crime they are trying to prevent.

The stakes for protecting your company’s information are growing higher every day. Accidents happen and users need to be properly trained while corporate policies need to be updated or written to protect end-users from overt errors.


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