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March 21, 2022

By Chloe Myers

Sustainability Initiatives and Partnerships

Environmental initiatives are everywhere. In 2022, companies are investing more than ever in tools to approach their business in more ecological ways. We’ve seen organizations triumphantly declare that they will be carbon neutral in fifty years. How can a company reach this goal? Let’s explore the available tools that can help companies reach their environmental objectives, and what sustainability partnerships could mean in changing the game of eliminating carbon emissions. 

To begin, we need to clarify the various verbiage used to articulate sustainability goals, specifically carbon neutrality versus net zero. Carbon neutrality describes the process of offsetting, or removing, the same amount of CO2 that a group emits into the atmosphere. While a company that adopts the goal to be net zero will most likely pursue offsetting methods similar to a company that is pursuing carbon neutrality, net zero also communicates a corporation's pledge to reduce the amount of carbon they produce in their operations and increase the usage of renewable energy. Offsets are implemented by organizations to alleviate their carbon emissions. In order for these offsets to “count”, the source of offsetting must be licensed and accredited by an ISO accredited third-party

A popular offsetting method is the purchase of “carbon credits”, which indicate a specified amount of carbon that will be eliminated from the atmosphere on the purchaser’s behalf. Carbon credits have long been controversial, as even accredited providers have been said by environmentalists to overstate the amount of carbon being eliminated, and often do not equate to what a company is emitting.

So how can a company invest in a different, effective way to reduce the presence of carbon? Sustainability partnerships may be the answer. Different from simply buying the credits for eliminating carbon, sustainability partnerships could help companies stay accountable to their environmental initiatives.

Ecosystem restoration is gaining a lot of positive traction lately. Instead of purchasing carbon credits to offset the impact of their business, the organization focuses their purchasing power on a restorative program. Rebuilding forests, restoring coral reefs… if a company could team up with a group that focuses solely on helping them reduce their carbon footprint, the push for a greener future could be even more achievable and longer lasting.

So where do we go from here? Carbon offsets are important, and a great way for companies to jumpstart their sustainability goals. Yet we must also recognize that it’s not just what is offset, but what is produced through business operations that matters. In this case, adopting a net zero mentality is necessary. What can we alter in our supply chain to be more sustainable? Is it looking for more renewable energy sources, being more selective with where our assets come from, or knowing what to do with those assets once they need to be disposed of?

At e-Cycle, we help businesses and organizations confidently recycle their end-of-life mobile devices, making sure that every organization can feel good about where their devices are going and how their data is being securely removed. 

Approaching sustainability from all angles, by being more environmentally conscious ourselves and looking to partnerships to climb to where we can’t quite reach yet – every company could be equipped to fight back against the growing climate crisis.


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