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June 14, 2022

By Admin

Corporate Associates are on the Front Lines of the Cyber Conflict

Cyber security has become a complicated game of cat and mouse as technology advances; with hackers focused on finding new and creative ways to exploit expanding applications to gather a corporation's sensitive information and end users rushing to utilize the latest technology. As a result — IT personnel are often in a reactive environment versus a proactive one.

With IT resources being stretched thin, corporate users are now the first line of defense against cyber-attacks. This requires employers to review and institute more tools to support their associates with expanding policies, software applications, and training for both Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Owned Devices (COD) programs. It has become critical for associates to be aware of all security measures being taken to mitigate the risks of a future cyber breach. Depending on how an organization uses such devices, unauthorized access to a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device can lead to a crippling cyber-security event involving an organization's entire IT infrastructure. While it’s important to implement safeguards as a whole, the following measures will help organizations protect against security issues with mobile devices in particular and keep your data safe:

The first step to a stronger defense is to have a robust company policy in place

  • Installation of remote wiping software via mobile device management
  • Regular end user education and training on the latest threats and mitigation measures
  • Use of strong passwords with multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Back-up procedures
  • Requirements for reporting lost and stolen devices
  • A list of approved applications for download
  • Define who and how much access to sensitive information an associate requires
  • Clearly state the employer’s right to access
  • For COD programs —implement a robust asset return policy

Antivirus software

  • Make sure your antivirus supports all platforms including desktops, laptops, and mobile platforms
  • Training on the importance of updating software. This includes patches that remove security holes found in all platforms
  • Make sure the platform includes SMS, MMS, and call logs to prevent installation of known malicious malware

Password Management

  • Use multi-factor authentication where possible
  • Require that passwords be changed often and define strict requirements about complexity

Smartphones and tablets are now a big part of the modern business environment. Their convenience and ability to streamline communication is integral to every business. While asking people to bring their own devices can lower costs and improve efficiency, effectiveness, and morale — it also raises a host of security and legal compliance concerns.

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