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January 4, 2023

By Admin

Reasons to Partner with e-Cycle — an R2 V3 Certified Mobile Phone Recycler

R2, or "Responsible Recycling", is an electronic recycling certification that requires recyclers to adhere to strict standards for the responsible reuse and recycling of electronic devices. Version 3 of this standard provides specific guidelines for data sanitization using physical destruction and logical sanitization (data erasure) methods

There are several benefits to working with an R2 V3 certified recycler:

Responsible recycling practices: As an R2 certified recycler, e-Cycle follows strict practices for the handling and processing of electronic waste, including the proper handling of hazardous materials and data security.

Protecting the environment: As an R2 certified recycler, e-Cycle is committed to reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste. We use environmentally-friendly processes to recycle and dispose of electronic devices, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. These impacts are visualized on e-Cycle's Environmental Impact Statements, which are available to all of our clients upon request.

Protecting personal data: As an R2 certified recycler, e-Cycle has robust data destruction processes in place to ensure that personal data is securely eliminated during the recycling process.

Supporting the community: Charity is one of e-Cycle's core values, and we put our money where our mouth is by donating to local community charities as well as larger national ones such as the Arbor Day Foundation.

In summary, working with an R2 certified recycler such as e-Cycle helps to ensure that electronic waste is recycled in a responsible and sustainable manner, while also protecting personal data and supporting the community.


e-Cycle is the trusted wireless partner for many of the largest organizations in the world. As the first mobile recycling company to achieve e-Stewards certification, we adhere to the highest standards for environmental responsibility and worker health and safety. e-Cycle offers a simple, secure, environmentally responsible and profitable way for businesses to sell and recycle used mobile phones and tablets. Learn more at

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