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Embracing a Circular Economy

December 18, 2023
By John Jakovlic

In today's tech-driven world, an astounding five billion mobile phones lie dormant in drawers worldwide. Shockingly, by 2030 only 20% of these devices are expected to be collected through take-back programs, highlighting the urgency of addressing our current linear economy model. At e-Cycle, we're committed to fostering a Circular Economy, as well as envisioning a world where materials and products never become waste and nature is regenerated.

Our mission involves collaborating with some of the largest organizations in the United States to establish sustainable mobile phone buyback recycling programs.

These initiatives aim to:

  • Offset Upgrade Costs: Purchase your used mobile phone fleet when it's due for an upgrade, allowing your business to offset the purchase price of new devices

  • Remote Convenience: Provide free shipping and online portals for remote associates, ensuring a seamless and convenient process

  • On-site White Glove Services: Deliver on-site white glove services, adding a personal touch to the recycling process

  • Comprehensive Data Tracking: Detailed data on all makes, models, IMEI, serial numbers, and final disposition. This information is accessible through our custom-built Client Device Portals

  • Robust Data Security: Ensure data security through processes such as data erasure, ABM, and KNOX removal support

  • Environmental Accountability: Furnish Environmental Impact Statements and Certificates of Data Destruction, demonstrating our commitment to responsible recycling

  • Support Reforestation: Collaborate with our Arbor Day Foundation program in where proceeds contribute to the creation of forests

Building a Circular Economy

The need for change is evident in our take-make-waste system. At e-Cycle, we constantly challenge ourselves, asking, “What will it take to transform our throwaway economy into one where waste is eliminated, resources are circulated, and nature is regenerated?”

By supporting circular economies, we have the means to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and social needs. A Circular Economy empowers us to stimulate prosperity, create jobs, and build resilience while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution. We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Reach out today, and we'll connect you with a dedicated account manager to take the first step.

Let's make 2024 a year where change begins with sustainable partnerships!



e-Cycle is the trusted wireless partner for many of the largest organizations in the world. As one the first mobile recycling companies to achieve R2V3 certification, we adhere to the highest standards for environmental responsibility and worker health and safety. e-Cycle offers a simple, secure, environmentally responsible and profitable way for businesses to sell and recycle used mobile phones and tablets. Learn more at

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