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August 3, 2022

By Admin

How recycling can support your ESG goals

These days, companies are getting more focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). On the flip side, investors, stakeholders, and consumers are using ESG to judge the ethical performance of a company and its level of sustainability.

What is ESG?

ESG has three focus areas: environmental, social, and corporate governance. Environmental criteria relates to how well a company performs with respect to their environmental impact. Social criteria is how a company manages relationships with employees, customers, and the communities within which it operates. Finally, governance refers to a company’s leadership, executive pay, and shareholder rights.




Why does it matter?

ESG reporting is becoming a must-have for public stock exchanges and independent entities. ESG represents a measurable outcome that stockholders, governing boards, and external partners looking to invest can use to gauge on where an organization stands in its commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Businesses with proper and actionable ESG goals have more sustainable practices, making them less likely to pursue short-term gains and more likely to operate for the greater good of the environment and world.  This translates to financial success in the long run.

How does recycling fit in?

Proper mobile device recycling can align with your organization’s ESG goals in many ways. There are several core components of recycling — including data security, reuse, and environmental impact. Each of these provides its own substantial way to enhance ESG.

Complete Data Security

Data governance is the next big ESG controversy, and is requiring industry leaders to establish better transparency about their overarching data governance strategy. Data security from recycling services can help bolster this strategy. With proper data sanitization and destruction procedures in place, companies can rest easy knowing their confidential data is handled with care. Whether it’s customer data, employee data, or your organization’s private information, proper
end-of-life security measures are essential for reputation management and demonstrating both social and corporate governance.


Environmentalists agree that the best form of recycling is reuse. By keeping products in use, fewer new products need to be made. This equates to less mining, fewer emissions, and less overall consumption — enhancing the circular economy and your organization’s ESG goals at the same time. Another bonus? By choosing a certified recycler with a highly-skilled remarketing division, you will likely see a tangible cash return on your IT investment.

Environmentally-Friendly Recycling

Proper recycling might be the most obvious way e-Cycle helps organizations achieve their ESG goals. Electronic waste contains toxic materials that are harmful to our health and environment, yet the world produces as much as 50 million tons of electronic waste per year, according to the United Nations. Organizations can do their part by ensuring all
end-of-life technology is disassembled down to plastic, steel, aluminum, circuit boards, power supplies, etc. From there, raw materials can be distributed to other manufacturing facilities that will reprocess those materials into new, finished goods.

By identifying and working toward proper ESG goals, you can help keep your organization at the forefront of innovation, open up new business opportunities, and keep investors happy.

As a premier mobile device recycling company that partners with leading corporations and large government agencies,
e-Cycle is uniquely positioned to support your ESG efforts. Working with a proven data security removal process, dedicated remarking team, and certified environmentally-sustainable disposal process we are ready to build or increase your mobile recycling program. At e-Cycle, we are dedicated to providing our clients with straightforward solutions, profitable outcomes, and secure processes that provide peace of mind while safeguarding the environment and remaining a fulfilling workplace for our employees.


e-Cycle is the trusted wireless partner for many of the largest organizations in the world. As the first mobile recycling company to achieve e-Stewards certification, we adhere to the highest standards for environmental responsibility and worker health and safety. e-Cycle offers a simple, secure, environmentally responsible and profitable way for businesses to sell and recycle used mobile phones and tablets. Learn more at

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