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April 9, 2024

By John Jakovlic

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Depending on your age, this title is either a famous line spoken by T. E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia (1962), or by the android David in Prometheus (2012). In the world of nature, patience is a virtue. It can take anywhere from a decade to several decades for a single tree to reach maturity. This journey towards growth is influenced by various factors—including the species of the tree, its geographical location, and the prevailing climate conditions.

Central to the process of tree growth is the development of a robust root system. The roots play a crucial role in anchoring the tree firmly into the soil, providing stability and support. Moreover, they serve as conduits for absorbing essential elements such as water and nutrients from the soil—which the tree then utilizes for its growth, development, and repair.

Drawing inspiration from nature's blueprint, we recognized the need for a similar system to nurture our vision of transforming recycled phones into flourishing forests. e-Cycle has devised seven flexible donation options for our clients—empowering them to choose when, how much, and how frequently they wish to contribute to the Arbor Day Foundation. This dynamic framework ensures the long-term viability and maturation of our ambitious initiative.

Since forging our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation less than two years ago, e-Cycle has witnessed remarkable growth. In 2023 alone, through the collective efforts of e-Cycle and our dedicated customers, we have facilitated the planting of over 19,000 trees. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the generous support of our clientele, we are poised to nurture this vision until it reaches its full fruition and makes a lasting impact on our planet.

If your business is interested in joining our collective efforts, we have a seat saved for you. Email us at and will get you in touch with your dedicated account representative.



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