Q:  Do I have to purchase a specific new BlackBerry smartphone(s) to take advantage of the Trade-Up Program?

A:  Yes. To take advantage of the trade-up program, you must purchase the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900. Purchase and activation of the qualifying BlackBerry smartphones must be completed by December 31, 2012. Your trade-in device with proof of purchase must be received at e-Cycle by January 19, 2013 to receive a credit.

Q:  Should I include my proof(s) of purchase with my device shipment?

A:  Yes. You must include the proof of purchase of your new BlackBerry 9900 smartphone in the box with your functional trade-in device to receive the $100 credit.

Q:  Do I have to trade-in a specific used devices to take advantage of the Trade-Up Program?

A:  No. You may trade in any functional mobile phone to take advantage of the $100 Trade-Up Program. See the functioning criteria list below.

Q: What condition must my used mobile devices be in to be eligible for the Trade-Up Program?

A: In order to receive the $100 trade-in payment your used trade-in devices must meet the following criteria:

(1) Must power on
(2) Make a test call
(3) Have a functioning LCD
(4) Have intact housing
(5) No water exposure*
(6) Have a functioning keypad
(7) Have a valid ESN
(8) Must include battery(9) Must not have an active line (still receiving carrier services and data)*To tell if your phone has been exposed to water, please check under the battery on the back of the phone. There is a white litmus paper, which if exposed to water will be pink, purple, or red.

Q:  How long will it take for me to get my trade-In credit?

A:  Your trade-in credit will be mailed to you within 8-10 weeks.  Should you have any questions about the status of your payment, please contact RIM@e-Cycle.com.

Q:  How am I paid? 

A: e-Cycle will send a check to the mailing address that you provide within 8-10 weeks after e-Cycle receives both your trade-in device and a valid proof of purchase(s).

Q:  How many used phones can I trade in?

A:  There is no limit on the amount of mobile devices that you can trade in, however you must trade-in one used, functioning smartphone for each new eligible BlackBerry smartphone that you purchase to receive the $100 credit as part of the official Trade-In Program.  If you have other mobile devices to sell or recycle outside of the Trade-Up Program (without proof of purchase), they may be eligible for e-Cycle’s normal monthly mobile buyback pricing.  Please contact RIM@e-Cycle.com to receive e-Cycle’s current mobile buyback pricelist.  e-Cycle will recycle all non-pricelist devices and accessories free of charge and ensure the materials do not end up in a landfill.

Q:  Must my trade-in device be deactivated from the wireless network before sending in?

A:  Yes. Please make sure your used device(s) is deactivated from the wireless network and all outstanding airtime charges are paid in full.  Any mobile devices found to have active lines will be considered a security risk and shredded and recycled to ensure all of the data is destroyed. Research In Motion (RIM) and e-Cycle are not responsible for previous or subsequent airtime charges accrued to your phone prior to or following participation in the program.  Should any airtime charges occur, it is your responsibility to resolve any payment issues.

Q:  What must I send in with my used mobile phones to receive full credit for my trade-in device?

A:  The working handsets and the batteries are all that is required in regards to hardware.  However, e-Cycle will recycle your used box, manuals, power cords, CDs or chargers if you wish to include them in the shipment.  NOTE:  Please make sure that the batteries are in the phones prior to shipping them in and that you remove any media card in the device.

In regards to documentation, we require a valid proof of purchase that must include a legible IMEI number (serial number) of the new BlackBerry 9900 smartphone(s) purchased.

Q:  Do I need separate packaging for multiple mobile devices that I trade in?

A:  No. Please include all of your mobile devices in one box (up to 70 per box). Please include any additional accessories that you would like to recycle in the shipment as well. You only need one shipping label for multiple trade-in devices unless the device count exceeds 70 devices.

Q:  What type of packaging should I use to ship in the used mobile device(s)?

A:  Please package your used device(s) carefully in a padded envelope or sturdy cardboard box using newspaper, bubble wrap or other padding to help prevent the movement of the devices during shipping.  Used printer paper boxes are recommended for large shipments of devices. Attach the prepaid label generated from the online portal. NOTE:  Please make sure that the batteries are in the phone prior to shipping to e-Cycle.

Q:  Where can I mail my device(s)? Can I use a FedEx drop box to send in my device(s)?

A:  No. Please do not use a FedEx drop box location to mail your trade-in package as it will greatly slow up the delivery process. Please mail the device from your business office or any FedEx store location.

Q:  Where does my used mobile phone go after I trade it in?

A:  Once your mobile device is received at e-Cycle, it will be tested and inspected.  All of the data will be removed by e-Cycle’s data security team and BlackBerry devices will be verified by RIM’s Global Repair Services.  After the data is sanitized, the devices that are reusable may be resold to wholesalers in secondary markets. Devices that are not reusable are shredded on site and sent to our e-Stewards certified recycling partner where the e-waste is smelted down to be used to manufacture new products. e-Cycle is e-Stewards®, R2, and ISO 14001 certified and has a zero landfill policy.

Q:  Do I need to delete the data on my mobile phones before sending them to e-Cycle?

A:  No. e-Cycle will ensure all confidential data is completely removed from the devices. Our quality assurance team will double check every device to confirm the data is completely removed.

Q:  May I request for my trade-in device be returned to me once I send it to e-Cycle?

A:  No. Due to security constraints and additional costs, once e-Cycle receives your device it will not be returned. Your check will be processed within 8 to 10 weeks and sent to the mailing address that you provided on the trade-in portal.

Q:  When does the program end?

A:  The $100 Trade-Up Program ends December 31, 2012 – all new eligible BlackBerry smartphones must be purchased by this date. All trade-in-devices and proofs of purchase must be received at e-Cycle by January 19, 2013.  Please allow two to four days for your devices to be received at e-Cycle.

Q:  What is BlackBerry® 7.1?

A:  BlackBerry® 7.1 is the next generation BlackBerry OS.  Packed with powerful new features and innovative apps, it delivers the smoothest and fastest BlackBerry experience to date. For more on BlackBerry 7.1 OS visit http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/blackberry7/

Q:  How do I remove the User Lock from my used BlackBerry?

A:  Please check the instructions in the handset manual or go online to the site listed below for complete instructions on removing a user lock. http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartphone_users/categories/?userType=1&category=BlackBerry+Smartphones

Please contact RIM@e-Cycle.com for additional support.

Q:  May I sell or recycle other mobile devices through e-Cycle?

A:  Yes. If you have additional devices that you would like to sell or recycle, please email GoGreen@e-Cycle.com.