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Congratulations to e-Cycle Mobile Buyback and Recycling’s Summer Getaway Giveaway Winner

e-Cycle congratulates Adriana from New Jersey as the winner of a $500 gift card to the airline of their choice for participating in our June Summer Getaway Giveaway! Thank you to all of our clients for your commitment to protecting the environment and recycling your used mobile devices with e-Cycle.

There is still time to sell and recycle your organization’s mobile phones and tablets with e-Cycle for the chance to win our Summer Blockbuster Giveaway. Any organization that sells or recycles their devices with e-Cycle by July 31 is eligible for our random drawing to win one of five $100 MovieTickets.com gift cards.

Visit our Current Promotions page for official rules and to learn more about how to sell and recycle your wireless devices in July and win.


e-Cycle is the trusted wireless mobile buyback and recycling partner for many of the largest organizations in the world. As the first mobile recycling company to achieve e-Stewards certification, we adhere to the highest standards for environmental responsibility and worker health and safety. e-Cycle offers a simple, secure, environmentally responsible and profitable way for businesses to sell and recycle used mobile phones and tablets. Learn more at www.e-Cycle.com.

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LifeWatch Teams with e-Cycle to Retire Used Phones and Protect Patient Data Security

At e-Cycle, we hold ourselves to the highest data security standards in the industry. All private information is removed manually and every phone we receive is restored back to its factory setting.

It’s that dedication to data security that brought LifeWatch to e-Cycle. Founded in 1993, LifeWatch provides a system that measures and transmits the heart’s electrical activity via cell phones and Bluetooth technology to a monitoring center. This allows physicians to remotely monitor their patients at all times, helping them to discover cardiac issues before they develop into serious health problems.

As LifeWatch continued to grow (over 16,000 of these devices are currently in use around the country), it was becoming increasingly difficult to store the outmoded cell phones that contained confidential patient data.

That’s where e-Cycle comes in.

LifeWatch was drawn to e-Cycle’s services because of that aforementioned dedication to data protection. In an area as confidential as one’s medical information, it was vitally important for LifeWatch to find a mobile phone buyback company that it could trust.

Since their partnership began in 2009, e-Cycle has received more than 6,700 mobile phones and helped LifeWatch earn more than $45,000 in revenue from these out-of-use devices. Most importantly, e-Cycle continues to provide absolute data security for LifeWatch, allowing the company to expand and upgrade its services without the added worry of wondering what might happen to a patient’s confidential information.

Mobile phone recycling has never been easier, thanks to e-Cycle. If you are looking to sell mobile phones to a buyback company, why not try the buyback company with the highest data security standards in the industry?

Don't just recycle it, e-Cycle it!


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Why is Wireless Cell Phone Data Security So Important? | e-Cycle

It’s easy to get swept up in the bells and whistles that come with a brand new cell phone; so much so that you don’t consider what might happen to your old phone. Recycling cell phones comes with a lot of benefits, but not all mobile phone recycling companies are the same when it comes to a vitally important aspect of the process: data security.

When you sell your iPhone or other mobile phone with e-Cycle, your organization or business is guaranteed the industry’s most thorough and secure process for removing personal data.

When you get rid of an old phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the data you have stored on it just goes away. A company’s recycled phones could be full of confidential data (emails, phone numbers, documents, applications) that can become a problem if placed into the wrong hands. That’s why it is important to ensure that your data is protected and, ultimately, completely removed.

e-Cycle uses a high-security work environment and processes that have been meticulously designed to maintain the utmost protection of your confidential cell phone data. In other words, we do not take the security of your cell phone’s data lightly. We understand that people sell old iPhones and other mobile devices for a variety of reasons, but everyone wants their data to be secure.

That is why we hold ourselves to the highest data protection standards in the industry. With e-Cycle, you will never have to worry about your data’s security. Instead, you can spend that time thinking about how you helped the environment by recycling your old cell phone.

Complete data security – just another reason to sell your old mobile phones to e-Cycle!

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Reduce Clutter by Recycling Cell Phones for Cash | e-Cycle

Selling an old mobile phone comes with a number of benefits, a few of which we have looked at before. These include environmental benefits, data protection and, of course, the chance to make some extra money.

But something you may not have considered is the simple fact that you’ll be getting rid of the clutter in your home or office. Let’s face it, at some point or another, we all let clutter build up around us, pass it during the day and think to ourselves, “One of these days, I’m going to get rid of this stuff.”

Then more time slips by and that little pile of stuff we don’t need has become an insurmountable problem and the next thing you know, you’re on an episode of Hoarders.

e-Cycle can help you avoid that problem!

As new models of cell phones continue to roll out at such a fast pace, consumers will ditch their old mobile phones for the fresh new thing, leaving plenty of cell phone clutter to take care of. However, you can clean up your organization or home by selling your old mobile phones to e-Cycle.

When you sell your iPhone, iPad, or other cell phone to e-Cycle, the process of mobile phone recycling becomes painless. We will take care of everything, going so far as to send you a complimentary box and shipping labels to help you save on the cost of sending us your old phones.

So, if you are looking to sell used iPhones or other cell phone models, whether it’s to reduce the clutter of old mobile phones laying around or for any other reason you might have, e-Cycle is the perfect solution.

Reduce the clutter in your life and sell your old cell phones to e-Cycle today!

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Welcome to the e-Cycle blog!

Mobile phone recycling has never been easier, and that includes access to all the information you need about the great services provided by e-Cycle.

It is important to stay up-to-date on the mobile phone industry, whether it’s out of necessity for your work or you’re simply a cell phone enthusiast. It’s just as important, then, to understand the cell phone recycling business as it continues to grow and become a major aspect of how we eliminate cell phone waste and improve our environmental standards.

We will be using this blog to post the latest news and updates in the world of cell phones, including the many benefits that come with recycling your phone.

Recycling mobile phones for cash is certainly an incentive to utilize these services, but the greater importance lies in what you can do for the environment. Recycling old mobile phones is a great opportunity for your company or organization to meet its green standards and protect the environment by eliminating the needless waste that cell phones create.

Throwing away your cell phone prolongs unnecessary energy waste, and doesn’t allow for the metal to be salvaged and reused. When you recycle your phone through e-Cycle, you avoid damaging the environment and, yes, you can even make some money.

Think about it – what do you do with an old mobile phone? How often do you get your new Apple iPhone or other mobile phone and think, “What in the world am I going to do with the old one?” Rather than let it sit and become the victim of gathering dust, do something great for the environment and recycle it.

There are a wide variety of environmental benefits to mobile phone recycling, and e-Cycle makes the process so easy that there’s no reason not to recycle your phone with us. Expand your company’s environmental influence today by making a major impact in the world of mobile phone recycling.

Don’t just recycle your phone, e-Cycle it!

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Happy America Recycles Day! | e-Cycle

At e-Cycle we will be celebrating America Recycles Day by recycling old cell phones to keep them out of landfills. As technology advances, people are swapping out their electronics at faster and faster rates, causing landfills to collect tons of e-waste. Cell phones contain both lead and arsenic, toxic substances that pollute our environment. On the other hand, they also contain precious metals, rubber, and plastic that can be reused to conserve our planet’s resources. Any obsolete or broken phones, as well as all accessories that e-Cycle receives, are sent to an EPA-certified recycling facility here in the United States. Our clients can rest assured that their equipment is always disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

To learn more about our environmentally responsible e-cycling programs visit http://e-cycle.com.

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How Selling Your Apple iPhone is Responsible eCycling | e-Cycle

Every organization should have a buyback and recycling plan to ensure the greatest return on telecom investments. Most organizations retire their wireless phones within 18 months. At that stage, these devices can retain a significant percentage of their retail value. However, cell phones that are not properly retired may expose confidential data when they are resold on the secondary market or harm the local environment through improper recycling and disposal.

Here is an overview of the e-Cycle process:

Our specialists evaluate all equipment to assess its resale value. Phones that have outlived their market value, as well as accessories, are sorted out to be destroyed. Every battery is removed and sent to an EPA-registered facility to make certain its toxic materials do not end up in a landfill. The core technology, including the motherboard and all wiring, is shredded and melted down so that the precious metals can be reused.

Our clients send us their wireless devices using pre-paid shipping labels provided by e-Cycle. They receive a check for the phones that retain their resale value and are in working condition. e-Cycle uses the latest market pricing to determine the value of the equipment. Each of our clients receive a full inventory report detailing the make, model, value and condition of each phone. Our clients receive payment in 30 days or less after their shipment arrives to our facility.

Resalable phones are put through a comprehensive data removal process to make certain that all private information is permanently deleted. We also test every phone for active lines and inform the client if any are found to protect against unintended fees. After restoring the factory settings, our quality assurance team rechecks every device to make sure the data has been completely cleared of all confidential information.

Learn more about responsible e-cycling.


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Cell Phone Recycling Leader, e-Cycle Brings Green Jobs To Ohio

e-Cycle featured on ONN

Hilliard based e-Cycle's centers its business on recovering, recycling and protecting data on old electronic devices.

"As the new devices and technologies are advancing, consumers and companies want to make sure they have the latest and greatest," said e-Cycle owner Tonia Irion.

E-Cycle actually purchases companies' cell phones and PDAs.

"We pay for those phones, and in many cases, it helps companies offset a large extent of the new purchase of their new devices," Irion said.

The old phones are brought to a warehouse, where they are sorted by hand and assigned a value.

Some phones are able to be refurbished, while other phones are shredded, reported ONN's Harrison Hove.

The bits and pieces of shredded phones are ultimately separated and resold as raw materials. Irion said it is important to make sure none of the data is left on any of the devices.

"We're taking all their data off their wireless devices and wiping them clean," she said.

With more demand for these services and a growing market for recycled or refurbished phones, new jobs have been created.

"This year alone we've added 60 news jobs to central Ohio,"  Irion said.

The future looks bright for e-Cycle as they help companies lower their bottom line, while keeping e-waste from a landfill.

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e-Cycle Provides Environmentally Compliant Recycling

One of e-Cycle’s main value-added services, environmentally compliant recycling is an aspect of our business that we take very seriously. What it means is that we manage the recycling of wireless phones, their accessories, and their components in a way that meets or exceeds all environmental laws and regulations.

As with all of our services, we provide environmentally compliant recycling free of charge to anyone that wants to dispose of wireless equipment.

What We Recycle:

ANY and ALL wireless accessories
Air cards
Data cords
Headsets and ear buds
Holsters and skins
Cell phones and smartphones

e-Cycle only utilizes EPA-certified recycling companies located in the United States. Our clients can rest assured that their wireless equipment will never end up in a landfill or dumped in a foreign country. It will be managed according to all applicable laws and regulations, and will assist in the conservation of natural resources.

Cell Phones and the Environment
Cell phones and their batteries contain many toxic materials, including arsenic, lead, nickel, and zinc. Each phone is capable of contaminating 40,000 gallons of water and in a landfill, these chemicals can seep into groundwater. Multiplied by 10 million, the number of phones that end up in landfills each year in the US, recycling cellular phones is a serious environmental issue.

Up to 80 percent of a cell phone is recyclable. Each phone includes precious metals such as silver, copper, platinum, palladium, and gold. When these metals are recovered and reused, it conserves natural resources, saves the energy used to mine them, and prevents waste from being produced during mining.

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