e-Cycle’s CEO and Founder, Chris Irion, was recently featured in a video that highlights several of the 2013 BlackBerry® Global Achievement Award recipients. e-Cycle was honored with a BlackBerry Achievement Award in the category of “Making the World a Better Place,” which showcases how the use of technology has made a positive impact on others.

The BlackBerry Achievement Awards recognize exceptional businesses, entrepreneurs and developers across the globe who push the boundaries of what’s possible with technological products and services. We are extremely honored to be recognized for providing innovative wireless asset-recovery and recycling solutions that are cost effective, secure and environmentally responsible.

e-Cycle was selected as a finalist for this recognition from among hundreds of businesses worldwide and was chosen as the winner after receiving the most votes in online ballot conducted by BlackBerry. Thank you again to our clients for their commitment to environmental protection and to the thousands of people who voted for e-Cycle online.

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