The participant (“Participant”) hereby acknowledges and consents to the statements below.  e-Cycle LLC, an Ohio limited liability company (“e-Cycle”), and Research In Motion Limited, a corporation organized under the laws of the Province of Ontario (“RIM”), may each rely on such consents in connection with Participant’s sale of used BlackBerry Smartphones to e-Cycle, and e-Cycle’s shipping of such used BlackBerry Smartphones to a RIM repair center in connection with RIM’s evaluation of such used BlackBerry’s Smartphones for eligibility for certain potential promotional credits being offered by RIM for a limited time through its Program (as defined below).

e-Cycle may collect, use and disclose the individual Electronic Serial Number (ESN), International Mobile Equipment Identity and Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned to a specific BlackBerry Smartphone, to RIM or RIM’s designate or another third party for the purposes of facilitating the processing of used BlackBerry Smartphones, sold by Participant to e-Cycle, in accordance with the RIM enterprise bulk exchange and trade-in program (the “Program”), pursuant to which RIM enterprise customers, such as Participant, may be eligible to receive certain promotional credits from RIM when trading in qualifying BlackBerry Smartphones in connection with purchasing new BlackBerry Smartphones.

e-Cycle and/or RIM may dispose of and destroy any and all data on the used BlackBerry Smartphones sold to e-Cycle.

The failure to remove any peripheral accessories or devices, SIM cards, microSD cards, stereo headsets, and other such items (collectively, “Peripherals”) from any used BlackBerry Smartphone before submitting such used BlackBerry Smartphone to e-Cycle or to RIM or another third party may result in the Peripheral being disposed of or destroyed and/or not returned to the Participant without any liability to RIM, e-Cycle or such other third party.

Your device(s) will not be returned under any circumstances once received at the e-Cycle facility at 4105 Leap Road, Hilliard, OH 43026.

By clicking the “Submit” button on the portal, generating a pre-paid FedEx label and sending your device to e-Cycle, you agree to this RIM Program Participant Consent and Acknowledgement form.