e-Cycle Launches Wireless Buyback Portal for Consumers to Safely Sell and Recycle Used Phones and Tablets While Protecting Sensitive Data

The leading mobile buyback and recycling company now is providing consumers with the same services and tools that have been used effectively by its business, government and Fortune 500 clients.

e-Cycle LLC, the leading mobile buyback and recycling company for businesses and government, has developed an online tool that gives consumers an easy option to recycle their devices in the most secure, environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner.

e-Cycle’s model for consumer mobile buyback and recycling is built upon the foundation of services that it has been providing to corporate and government clients on a global scale since 2005. People can access the user-friendly buyback tool at http://www.e-Cycle.com where they can sell their old mobile devices for data deletion and recycling.

“It is a natural progression for e-Cycle to expand into the consumer market,” said Christopher Irion, co-founder and CEO of e-Cycle. “As the leader in providing safe, secure and responsible mobile recycling to the business community, we saw a tremendous need for consumers to have accountability and reliability in their individual recycling efforts.”

e-Cycle purchases more than 150 types of mobile phones and tablets, issuing a check or PayPal payment to consumers within 48 hours of receiving the device, which is the fastest turnaround time for payment in the mobile recycling industry. e-Cycle also provides consumers with a prepaid mailing label to send in their devices.

Among e-Cycle’s differentiators:

  • Industry-leading data protection and security. e-Cycle provides the most secure data protection services available, as it conducts its own independently verified data removal and does not outsource to third-party vendors. Data protection and deletion are critically important, as e-Cycle has found that more than 95 percent of the devices it receives still contain sensitive information despite people believing they had wiped the devices clean. e-Cycle protects consumer information by overwriting data and restoring factory resets.
  • Complimentary recycling. As long as an individual has one “pricelist” mobile device to sell to e-Cycle through the mobile buyback portal, e-Cycle will also allow them to include end-of-life phones, chargers, chords and batteries in the pre-paid shipment and will recycle the e-waste free of charge.
  • Benefiting developing countries. Devices with resale values are cleansed of data and resold where new technologies are desperately needed. Devices that cannot be recycled are shredded on-site and sent to a recycling facility to reclaim the materials to make new products. e-Cycle has a zero landfill policy.
  • Reliable buyback pricing. e-Cycle bases its buyback pricing on the functionality of the device, such as whether it holds a charge, turns on and does not have a cracked LCD. The price quoted is what the consumer will be paid. Many other buyback companies will quote a higher price but downgrade it later due to minor cosmetic flaws.
  • Charitable donation option. Individuals also have the option to make a tax-deductible charitable donation of the value of the mobile device supported by the e-Cycle Foundation.

“Consumers can rest assured knowing e-Cycle will provide the most rigorous protection of their personal data,” Irion said. “Our processes and procedures are independently verified and audited. No one in the mobile recycling industry can match our recycling and data protection guarantee.”

As an incentive, anyone who sells a device via the e-Cycle consumer portal through March 31, 2013, will be entered into a drawing for a $500 Apple gift card. No purchase is necessary. Details can be found at http://www.e-Cycle.com/contact-us/current-promotions.

About e-Cycle
Co-founded by Tonia and Christopher Irion in 2005, e-Cycle helps organizations and consumers take a more responsible, secure and profitable approach to wireless mobile phone recycling. e-Cycle collects used mobile devices, reimbursing consumers and businesses for devices that retain value and recycling all others at no charge. The information on every phone is either deleted or destroyed using the industry’s most rigorous mobile data security measures. Inc. ranked e-Cycle the #4 Fastest Growing Environmental Services Company in the U.S. and Forbes named e-Cycle the #68 Most Promising, Privately-Held Company in America. In January 2012, e-Cycle became the first and only mobile buyback and recycling company in the world to become e-Stewards, R2, and ISO 14001 certified. For more information, visit www.e-Cycle.com.