e-Cycle Helps Businesses and Consumers Avoid the Pitfalls of Selling AT&T iPhones and Wireless Devices

e-Cycle offers secure iPhone buyback services for AT&T iPhone customers and CEO cautions sellers to beware of misleading pricing due to “condition rating” of devices. 

Hilliard, Ohio, February 9, 2011 – With the launch of the new Verizon iPhone, e-Cycle announced today that it is ramping up its operations, preparing for an influx of some of the projected two million AT&T iPhone customers seeking to sell their used devices to help offset the cost of switching. As owners weigh the best options to sell their used iPhones, e-Cycle CEO Christopher Irion cautions sellers to be careful when selling their iPhones online and to be wary of misleading pricing.

“We have had a number of business and individual clients tell us that they have been dissatisfied with online mobile buyback companies that quoted a high price for their used devices, then offered a much lower price once the phones were received due to the ‘condition of the phone’,” said Irion. “The practice is called ‘condition rating,’ and essentially sellers are penalized significantly on the quoted price if the devices have minor surface scratches, dings or wear on the buttons. This practice is very misleading.”

Irion says that e-Cycle tiers pricing based on very specific criteria regarding the functionality of the phone, and not the overall condition. The e-Cycle functionality rating tiers include:

Tier 1: Fully functioning, nothing broken, no major cracks in housing or glass
Tier 2: Cracked housing, cracked screen, broken button(s), water exposure, dead or stuck LCD pixels
Tier 3: No power, will not charge, no touchscreen functionality

Through e-Cycle, a Tier 1 iPhone 4 (32GB) is $390, Tier 2 is $195, and Tier 3 is $100.00.

Irion also cautioned iPhone sellers about online companies claiming to offer data protection.

“Many online companies claim data deletion and protection, however, if you read the fine print on some of these sites they tell you that you are responsible for deleting the data,” said Irion. “Many of our business and consumer clients have been surprised to learn that their private information was still accessible after they thought they had erased the data on their iPhone. e-Cycle uses a proprietary, rigorous method of data deletion and our quality assurance team verifies that every device is completely erased.”

e-Cycle is an official enterprise mobile phone buyback, data protection and recycling partner of Verizon Wireless and assists the carrier’s enterprise clients with their wireless buyback, data security and recycling needs. e-Cycle also purchases iPhones from individuals through an online buyback tool at www.e-Cycle.com/sell-your-iphone.

About e-Cycle

e-Cycle helps organizations and individuals take a more responsible, secure and cost-effective approach to wireless recycling. e-Cycle buys used iPhones and other mobile devices that still retain value and recycles all others at no charge through an EPA-registered facility. The information on every device is either deleted or destroyed through rigorous mobile security measures.

Visit www.e-Cycle.com or contact gogreen@e-Cycle.com or (877) 215-5255.