Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What type of organizations benefit from the e-Cycle program?

A: e-Cycle is a trusted partner to thousands of businesses and organizations throughout the United States, including a number of the Fortune 500 and Global 3000. We work with all industries including, but not limited to: professional services, government, financial, education and healthcare.


Q: How does my company get set up with the program?

A: Simply contact us by phone at 1.877.215.5255, email or fill out our online contact form. An e-Cycle representative will be happy to speak with you further about our program and the ways in which we can assist you with your wireless recycling and data protection needs.


Q: Does e-Cycle pay for shipping?

A: Yes. Prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label(s) are available in the U.S. for shipments of 20 or more devices. However, there may be some costs associated with shipments of less than 20 devices and e-Cycle’s global wireless asset-recovery and recycling programs. Please contact us for more details.


Q: Is it necessary to delete the data from your mobile phones before sending them to e-Cycle?

A: Be sure to deactivate all services, delete all personal and corporate information, and remove the SIM or memory card before sending your wireless devices to e-Cycle. If any SIM or memory cards are found, they will be removed and shredded for data security purposes free of charge. e-Cycle has the most rigorous data protection services in the industry. Our highly trained data security team will perform our data erasing process on each device, and our quality assurance team will recheck each mobile phone to ensure all of the data has been cleared.



A: Yes! Deactivating the anti-theft security feature (such as Apple’s Find My iPhone/iPad or Samsung’s Find My Mobile) is critical to ensuring your data can be removed from your devices. Devices that have these security features turned on will not allow for the removal of data. Failure to deactivate the anti-theft security feature on devices prior to sending to e-Cycle will result in a considerable delay in processing and may result in significant reduction of payment. These devices will not be returned.

The anti-theft security feature should be turned off directly from the device prior to sending to e-Cycle. Download the deactivation instructions for Apple and Samsung Devices (pdf)


Q: What does e-Cycle do with phones once they receive them?

A: Each shipment received is sorted upon arrival. Devices eligible for reuse are passed to our data security team for erasing, testing and quality assurance. Non-reusable devices are shredded on-site and the materials are sent to an e-Stewards certified, EPA-registered refinery located in the United States.


Q: Why should I send my phones to e-Cycle instead of a charity donation program?

A: Unlike charity recycling or donation programs, e-Cycle provides security by erasing all data on the phones. e-Cycle can generally pay more for the devices, adding more value to your donation. The e-Cycle Foundation will gladly write a check directly to the charity of your choice on behalf of your organization. You could ultimately make a more impacting donation to your charity by working with e-Cycle.


Q: What is the e-Cycle price list?

A: e-Cycle publishes a monthly price list of devices that still have market value. The price list is updated monthly, based on fluctuations in the secondary market prices for wireless devices. Please keep in mind that phones do depreciate over time. Please contact an e-Cycle account representative to receive a quote for your equipment.


Q: How does e-Cycle comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations?

A: e-Cycle recycles obsolete phones, batteries, chargers and other accessories through an e-Stewards certified, EPA-registered recycling facility. We make certain the destroyed materials are recycled properly and do not end up in landfills. Recycling through e-Cycle helps reduce the growing e-waste problem and reduces your organization’s carbon footprint by conserving natural resources.


Q: Do I need to provide e-Cycle with an inventory list of the mobile devices I am sending?

A: No, an inventory list is not required. We want to make the e-Cycle process as easy for you as possible. All devices are inventoried in our facility the day they arrive. However, if you would like to include an inventory sheet, we will be happy to cross-reference your list during our audit.


Q: What if our mobile devices have dings and scratches, but they still work?

A: If the device is fully functional and on the current price list, it is eligible for payment. Wireless devices not on our price list or received in any of the conditions listed below will receive a flat rate of $1.00 each:
(1) Do not power on
(2) Bleeding or cracked LCD display
(3) Missing keys or non-functioning keypad
(4) Damaged housing
(5) Software programming issues
(6) Water exposure


Q: Will you describe how assets are stored, tracked and maintained?

A: When devices are received, the non-reusable devices are separated from reusable devices. Batteries are removed from the non-reusable devices targeted for recycling. These devices are then counted and shredded on-site. The devices targeted for reuse are inventoried by model, quantity and ESN number. The devices are then stored in a restricted-access area and staged for data deletion and functional testing.

Once the testing and data deletion process is complete, the devices go through an extensive quality assurance process handled by a separate department within e-Cycle. The sanitized devices are then entered into e-Cycle’s inventory system for resale. A purchase order is generated using device model and quantity.