e-Cycle Process


When it’s time to sell or dispose of wireless mobile devices, organizations need a policy in place so they can protect their investments, their data and the environment. As your partner, e-Cycle will help you implement a simple, secure and profitable mobile phone buyback and recycling program so you can keep your focus on your business.

Simply ship your devices to e-Cycle using our prepaid shipping labels and we will handle the rest. The largest organizations in the world rely on e-Cycle and so can you.


e-Cycle recycles your end-of-life cell phones and accessories. We shred the devices on site to destroy remaining data and recycle the materials in an e-Stewards certified facility. e-Cycle stringently upholds a zero landfill policy for all commercial material.


e-Cycle will purchase your organizations’ mobile phones that are on our monthly price list. Since 2005, we have put more than $15 million back into the telecom budgets of our clients. We provide fast payments and complete inventory reports.


Every mobile device purchased undergoes a rigorous, multi-step data wiping process conducted by e-Cycle’s security team. Our quality assurance department retests each device to validate your sensitive information has been sanitized.